Zalando Lounge
Go Engineer6/2021 to 11/2021

  • Participating in the design and development of Go microservices surrounding sales campaigns for the Zalando fashion store.
  • Drafted database design proposal and implemented the best solution in Postgres.
  • Responsible for developing frontend review tool for selecting/filtering articles based on planned GMV target and additional user defined matching criteria.

Axel Springer
Software Engineer12/2020 to 6/2021

  • Responsible for developing premium services for News Media Technology brands.
  • Optimized existing fraud detection application built in Go that detected user device sessions.
  • Built and customized iframe components for offer pages and articles using React and Typescript.
  • Created a video paywall frontend component.
  • Managed AWS infrastructure with Terraform modules.
  • Monitored logs and metrics in Kibana and Grafana.
  • Configured Github action pipelines to execute image comparison tests and archive the resulting screenshots.
  • Automated end to end tests in Ghost Inspector.

Docker Mastery Teaching Assistant4/2020 to present

  • Assist Docker Captain Bret Fisher with his Docker Mastery course. Responsibilities include answering student questions in Udemy and Slack.

Vector Analysis
Solutions Architect6/2019 to 12/2019

  • Developed an email engine for sending and creating responsive emails with React, MGML, Node, TypeScript and Sendgrid.
  • Developed a blog application with GatsbyJS leveraging client data from Contentful headless CMS.
  • Created a Docker Swarm cluster on Digital Ocean and deployed the solution.
  • Integrated Drone CI and Portainer within the cluster to support CI/CD.
  • Used Traefik and Let’s encrypt to proxy services with TLS encryption.

Software Engineer9/2018 to 11/2020

  • Built management software for the staff department to manage all employees.
  • Responsible for full stack development. Used: React, Redux, NodeJS, TypeScript, PostgreSQL and Azure.
  • Took ownership in ensuring the product had an excellent user experience and a functional user interface.
  • Dockerized the entire backend environment for development and deployment using docker-compose and custom multi-stage build Dockerfiles.
  • Developed a permission strategy consisting of multiple user roles and app resources. Permissions had a fine-grained control of access down to a resource's data attributes.
  • Used of Auth0 for authentication and to store user roles.
  • Implemented translation feature for 5 diferent lanaguages.
  • Quality tested high security-focused application with Jest and Enzyme.
  • Encouraged customer discovery interviews, participated as an interviewer and summarized findings.

Siemens AG
Digital Frontend Engineer4/2017 to 8/2018

  • Created 4 analytic app prototypes for power plant performance monitoring.
  • Built a brand style library for a suite of applications.
  • Co-created a customer workshop agenda with a digital business model developer.
  • Made scalable and interactive D3 graph components.
  • Created Sketch UI designs then uploaded them to Invision Enterprise to share clickable mockups with teams and product owners or customers.
  • Critiqued UI Designs from external contractors.
  • Validated/invalidated assumptions, for example: problem hypotheses, user scenarios, and ui designs with customer feedback.
  • Examined organizational focus and stressed the importance of mission, vision, and culture.
  • Performed customer discovery interviews.
  • Established lightning talks.
  • Live recorded my lighting talk about co-creation and customer development.
  • Made everyone on my team feel like they belonged.
  • Promoted team first, customer second.

Mass Mutual Financial
Application Developer 11/2015 to 1/2017

  • Performed full stack development with Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL.
  • Built the frontend of a loan request microservice using AngularJS, Bootstrap, NPM, Sass, jQuery, ES6, and JSPM.
  • Built a brand style library.
  • Re-designed existing features in applications.
  • Given assignments without prior knowledge of the technology required but learned quickly and executed within a 2 week Sprint.
  • Wrote unit tests using Rspec and FactoryGirl.
  • Wrote front-end integration tests using Selenium-based framework called Watir.
  • Performed cross-browser/device compatibility testing.
  • Deployed private repositories to Artifactory, pulled them down using npm.
  • Scheduled user research sessions to learn from real users.
  • Participated in daily stand ups and used JIRA.
  • Leveraged Gulp for task-running.
  • Researched new technologies and discussed trends from Thoughtworks' Technology Radar.

Unbound Commerce
Lead Web Developer 03/2015 to 10/2015

  • Developed a mobile version of a customer's existing Yahoo Store site.
  • Responsible for front-end development.
  • Used JavaSever Pages (JSP), HTML5, JQuery, Robert T. Morris Language (RTML), and CSS3.
  • Made code changes to a browser-based editor.
  • Allocated work to team members according to priority and difficulty using Trello.
  • Had direct client interaction via email and phone.
  • Sent invoices to customers.
  • Updated system record of customer information: email, phone number, credit card etc. while on phone with them.
  • Called people to pay outstanding balances.
  • Trained onboarding members.
  • Re-designed or upgraded existing mobile sites from basic to premium.
  • Contributed customer support through email and via Zoho CRM. Responded to complaints, questions, and fixed bugs.
  • Used Google Speed Test to optimize mobile sites, making changes based on the recommendations provided.
  • Merged new code with existing code and previewed changes before making it live.
  • Tested functionality of completed work.
  • Implemented new features to live mobile sites: custom search with filter, custom collapsible nav, scroll to the top bottom, drop down lists, contact form, tap to zoom etc.
  • Performed cross-browser/device compatibility testing.

Technical Skills

React Traefik Terraform
Redux AWS Cloud React Query
Docker Kubernetes NATS
NodeJS Github Actions AWS EKS
TypeScript Gatsby
Golang Figma
PostgreSQL Invision


M.F.A. Visual and Performing Arts, Tufts University, 2012-2015

B.F.A. & Philosophy Minor, Visual and Performing Arts, Tufts University, 2008 - 2012

Notable Courses

Introduction to Data Science, General Assembly, 2016

Unix System Administration, Tufts University 2013

Notable Workshops

Data Driven Product Management, Beyond Machine, 2018

3-Day Advanced Ultimate Go Training, Ardan Labs, with Bill Kennedy, 2019

Kubernetes vs. Swarm, Goto Berlin, with Bret Fisher, 2019